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Grand Designs Live

Boxx creative strongly identifies with Grand Designs Live’s ethical and environmental initiatives and their support for pioneering eco-innovations. When we heard that the theme for this year’s room sets was ‘design by you’ — reflecting the interior designer’s personality, style and vision — we instantly knew that Boxx had to take part.

‘Second Nature’ was a consciously designed dining room. It encompasses our invested appreciation for products designed and made in the UK by highly skilled artisans and craftspeople, as well as our passion for sustainable and ethical design, materials and manufacturing. 

We wanted our room to teach visitors that stunning, eco-friendly and sustainable design is not only accessible and affordable, but achievable. We hoped to inspire consumers to be more environmentally conscious and that their preference for British hand-crafted design becomes second nature.

Coming soon…

Coming soon…

Luxury Gym and Deli

The gym will be located in one of York’s renowned 1960’s Brutalist buildings. These typically look large and imposing in character, fortress-like, with a predominance of exposed concrete construction. 

Inspired by the Barbican, arguably London’s most iconic Brutalist building, we peeled back it’s layers to find what lay within. Most notably, there is a large Conservatory containing over 2,000 tropical species of plants. Nature is claiming back what was once hers. There’s a dystopian feel to the straight lined man-made grey concrete architecture with naturally occurring shapes of the vibrantly coloured plants providing an effective juxtaposition between the two contrasting forms.

Influenced by this, we have created an urban oasis, an oxygen filled escape within the bustling city of York. Celebrating both man-made materials and structural elements balanced alongside the beauty and simplicity of nature.

This building site is currently under construction, so check back soon for more updates.

Coming soon…

Coming soon…

Boutique Italian Hotel

Nestled between the stunning hills and mountains of Brescia, the hotel benefits from the plethora of natural activities on it’s door step.

The hotel is driven by seasons, at the mercy of mother nature, with each seasons’s effect on the landscape offering a new unique reasons to visit. In the winter there’s the snow that falls on the nearby mountains for visitors to enjoy skiing, in the autumnal months porcini mushroom foraging takes over and come spring through to summer the sun melts the snow revealing pathways to be explored up into the mountains that had been cut off over the winter months, meandering along side fast flowing rivers.

Refining this further brings us to the breakdown of the individual elements; air, fire, water and earth. Through our design we invite these natural elements into the hotel via different representations, be it through colour, materials or products.

The hotel is currently being renovated, so check back soon for more updates.